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Arkansas PBS joins The Programming Service for Public Television

Tampa, FL (July 22, 2020)  The Programming Service for Public Television is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas PBS to our programming family. Arkansas PBS has been enriching and empowering Arkansans for over 50 years by offering, “compelling and relevant multiplatform programming and statewide services that educate, inform, engage and inspire, through innovative and efficient use of public and private resources.” The Programming Service looks forward to working with Arkansas PBS to provide stimulating and enlightening content that will have a lasting and positive influence on the more than 320,000 households that tune into Arkansas PBS every week. BaBette Davidson, President and CEO of The Programming Service said, “We are thrilled to work with Courtney Pledger, Ed Leon, Pat Pearce and the entire Arkansas PBS team. They truly super-serve their community and set the bar incredibly high for public media. We are excited to assist them with their good work.” Courtney Pledger, Executive Director and CEO of Arkansas PBS said, “The Programming Service offers unmatched experience in public television to help connect our Arkansas PBS audience with programs that will deeply resonate. We’re so looking forward to the pure enjoyment of working with BaBette and her team.”

Daniel Spina Joins The Programming Service for Public Television as a Program Coordinator

Tampa, FL (June 10, 2020) – BaBette Davidson, President and CEO of The Programming Service for Public Television, announced that Daniel Spina has joined the organization as a Program Coordinator.

“Dan is an incredibly multi-talented individual, with a wonderful attitude about customer service, which is a perfect match for The Programming Service.”, said Davidson. In reference to his new position, Spina said, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to join a team of professionals with such a vast amount of experience working with PBS stations and who share my love of public television.”

After completing his B.A. in Communications in Kansas, Spina worked in both commercial and public television, where he developed a passion for public broadcasting. Following his time at a commercial station, Daniel built new skills as a Production Assistant at KPTS, Wichita before going full time as a Broadcast Operations Assistant. He has experience in many areas of television production including audio/video editing, newscast directing, master control operations, traffic, and programming.

Founded in 1996, The Programming Service for Public Television is based in Tampa and currently serves 40 PBS client stations across the country. The company provides strategic program scheduling customized for each market across all platforms, consults on station program-purchase decisions and guides in crafting on-air fundraising schedules in markets including LA, Seattle, Detroit, Orlando, Milwaukee, Iowa, and Denver among others.

KEDT joins The Programming Service for Public Television

Tampa, FL (April 13, 2020)

The Programming Service for Public Television is happy to announce the addition of KEDT in Corpus Christi to our programming family. From their mission statement, KEDT states, “South Texas Public Broadcasting System, Inc. is committed to educating, enlightening and inspiring all communities of South Texas.” KEDT has been providing high quality public television to South Texans for almost 50 years. Together with KEDT, we at The Programming Service are excited to continue this long legacy of premium programming that will uplift the Corpus Christi community. BaBette Davidson, President of The Programming Service said, “Don Dunlap and KEDT are so very connected to the community – it is a privilege to work with a team that represents the best in the service that public media can provide.”